|| Register & Activate your Device with MYTV Code - Do you want to register your compatible device at Just go to the website and follow the instructions to complete the registration of your device, then you can start enjoying Amazon Prime Instant Video service for free.

You need to use the 6 digit amazon mytv code for registration of your device.

Register & Activate device using amazon mytv code from

  • Step 1: Find the Amazon app on your TV
  • Find and open the Amazon app on your TV or device and choose “Register Your Device”, then you will get a 5-Character Registration code. Write down the amazon mytv code provided from the app screen.

  • Step 2: Open URL
  • Use your web browser and type and sign in using email address and password. If you are a new user, click the first round button and press “Sign in using our secure server” to register. If you have already had an account, fill in your account password to continue.

  • Step 3: Enter amazon mytv code
  • After logging, enter the 5-character code written down on step 1 and press “Continue” button to proceed to activate your device.

  • Step 4: Set up 1-Click Payment Settings
  • Now set up 1-Click Payment Settings which enables you to easily purchase or rent Amazon Instant Videos in the future. Just follow the instructions to add a payment method and choose the corresponding billing address.

  • Step 5: Create your purchase PIN
  • Input a 5-digit PIN and press “Save Your PIN”.

  • Step 6: Enjoy Watching Amazon TV
  • If you TV screen shows the message “Success! Your device is registered”, then you can start enjoying Amazon Video.

Which devices are compatible with mytv?

Most smart devices with internet-enabled capability will work with the Amazon Prime Video App seamlessly. You need a reliable internet connection to download the streaming device and link the Amazon MYTV via the official website of Amazon – mytv, using the activation code you get from your TV screen.

Supported devices include Firestick with Amazon Prime app installed, Android TV, Roku TV, and Sony TV. Others include Vizo TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One and Xbox 360, and Apple TV, among others.